Friday, December 21, 2012

The Time?? Where Has It Gone??

6- Days Old
6- Months Old
"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" Alana's favorite 'word'. No more cute "Ma ma ma ma" or "la la la la" while sticking her tongue out. No I've lost that precious child, and it has been replaced with a growling monster! 6 months old and she already has so much to say...or growl rather. This isn't just an ordinary growl, no it, just like the complexity of some English words, has three different meanings. Meaning #1: "Grrrrrrrr" while smiling means, "hahaha, this is fun Mommy!". Meaning #2: "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" while throwing her chest out means, "I DON'T WANNA BE IN THIS SEAT, MOMMY!" (<- that one's followed promptly with a swat on her leg and a firm "no" from me) Meaning #3: "Grrrrrrrrr" while smacking her lips and throwing herself forward during mealtime means, "You clearly aren't feeding me fast enough, Mother!" 
5 1/2 months old

Where did the days of precious moments and endearing "awh's" go? And yet, I'm so proud of her for achieving so much in such little time! From the early days of the discovery of her fingers and toes, to the current days of her exploring the many different ways she can scoot; from the early days of coos and gurgles, to the current days of her laughter, giggles, and squeals of delight filling the halls; and even from the early days of me trying to decipher what her cries meant, to the current days of her being able to tell me exactly what's what through inflection. I have spent all these days, all 6 months of them, in awe of the way God has created humans to develop!  

As Christmas is a mere few days away, I cannot help but grow continuously more excited everyday! Though Christmas is a time to remember the most important thing of all, Christ's life and all He did and is doing for us, it's also a time for the children! It is a time for them to revel in the mystery of the season. To learn with only the special awe, reverence, and humility seen in a child about the life of Jesus, coming to us as a baby! The draw of Saint Nicholas (who was a real person), and the understanding of why his story was kept alive. I'm so overly excited to begin establishing Christmas traditions in my own family, now that I have one! I can't wait to revel in the joy of the season with my baby girl as she grows over the years and along with it her growth of understanding. I can't wait to see her face light up on Christmas morning as we all share together in gift giving. 
Alana my dear, there is never a dull moment with you! As always, Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy 4 Months My Lovely Alana!!

When you were born, that was the longest 4 days (in the hospital) of my life! I went through a lot of pain, staples, and recovery. Truth be told, I felt absolutely no pain when I would hold you. The same holds true now! When I hold you the pain of my days, worries, or frustrations all melt away. Your smile is electric and your face shines with  happiness when you see Daddy and Mommy(me). 

You have changed so much over the past month! You discover new things almost every day it seems. Your latest discovery is making raspberry noises. It's cute beyond belief, though it is a tad messy :-) The absolute cutest thing you do?? Laugh. You only laugh when you're being tickled and the laugh only happens on occasion, but when it does, C-U-T-E!!! You still try to read to Mommy and Daddy, but now you seem to be more intrigued with the details of the pictures on the pages than voicing your opinion about them. 

I used to think you were a strangely quiet baby, even when you cried it wasn't very loud. Oh my how those days are gone, ha ha. You have discovered the art of yelling to convey how  upset you are. Your lungs are developing their full potential. When you are initially getting upset you say, "Ayyyeeeee" several times and then that turns into full-fledged cries of anger.   Case and point, just a few minutes ago. But now you have calmed down and you are staring at me from your swing, listening to Pandora, and your eyes tell me sleep is not far off for you. 

You are becoming extremely expressive, and I love it! Your smiles, your smirks, your sad face, your shocked face, your contemplative face (generally happens when you are looking at pictures, videos, or books), and your straight face that you see here in this picture to the right. 

You find it incredibly fun to try to mimic sounds that Mommy and Daddy make! You're favorite one is "Arrrrrrrrg"! I'll get it on video once you get more consistent with it. 

I think you have two favorite times of the day: being held and EATING! I started you on rice cereal (a tad early) a while ago because it seemed that the bottle was no longer enough. Since then we have expanded your horizons in the food world. You now enjoy: oatmeal, peas, and green beans. You are a particular fan of oatmeal and green beans (not mixed, of course). I can't let you eat all that you want because that would be too much for your little baby tummy. You are not happy when I have to "cut you off", but you do comply when I give you a bottle; trying to drink it in between small cries of disagreeance that fade quickly. 

Daddy tells me sometimes how he's kind of scared about you growing up. His immediate fear; when you start getting mobile. I tell him all the time, it will be ok. In my opinion, that's my favorite time, because then play time is just that much more fun!! Do I look forward to having to chase you when we're NOT playing, no I can't say that I do, but that monumental step in your life is still a few months away. Until then, I don't mind being able to keep you near me without your protesting. I know there will come a time when you will protest having to be held, having to hold my hand, and having to stay with me, but for now you love being with Mommy and Daddy!

My words of wisdom for you:
Never forget how to smile! Never let your eyes stop shining with joy! Keep your laughter, you'll need it to get through the hard times. More importantly keep your faith always, because during the times when a smile isn't enough, and laughter is silent, God will be there to remind you that you are still loved and that you can know joy again. 

Daddy and I love you immensely, more than you will ever know or understand. So proud to be your Mommy and I am so incredibly excited to watch you keep growing!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy 1/4 Birthday Alana!!

not even 1 week old!
11 weeks old!
3 months old already?! Amazing how time goes by so quickly! You are changing so much, it's hard to keep up. You look more and more like me (Your Mommy) everyday :-) This makes me very happy, because for the longest time you looked mostly like Daddy, I'm happy to see you're taking on some of my more delicate facial features (nose and eyes). Your eyes are beautiful, and they light up when you smile! And that is something you do all the time! You talk so much, I just wish I knew what you were trying to say! 
11 weeks old!

As you can clearly see in the picture to your left, you are already trying to sit up. You think that "tummy time" is a ridiculous notion and will have no part in it. Last night while Daddy was playing with you on your play mat you almost rolled over!! So needless to say, you are extremely active. I think that it has to do with your strong will, as you seem to have plenty of that.

You went on a shopping trip with me on Saturday the 15th. My sole purpose in going on that trip was to try to find you some books, and we succeeded!! But don't worry, books weren't the only things I got you. I found you some CUTE clothes and a humidifier for when you get sick.

Your supply of books is slowly increasing, and you love them all! You smile and squeal with delight at each new page turned! I only hope you maintain this passion for books. I love reading, and I hope that you take after me in that area. I believe you are going to; the way you study the pages, quite intently, as if trying to grasp the concept of the pictures, haha. OK, so I know that's not necessarily true, about the concept grasping, but you really do look at the pages intently, and the face you make, makes it seem like you are trying to make sense of what you see :-) 

You've grown tremendously since your 2 month check up! you are now 2 feet long, and you weight over 11lbs! You're still hanging in the higher end of percentages on your height, which is astonishing considering the lack of height in your immediate family. I wish I could keep you little always, but I know that's not possible. You are learning so much and so quickly! You eat rice cereal already. You've been doing that for about 2 weeks now, and really seem to enjoy that time of your day. The rice cereal is a part of your nighttime routine, which I'm proud to say I have down to a "T". 

7:00/7:15 PM we commence cereal time (you enjoy it, but man it takes a loooooong time)
7:45/8:00 PM we commence bath time (also enjoyable, it's the getting out part you detest)
8:30 PM our night time process begins: drying you off, lotion, cream and powder (on your behind), fresh diaper, and a pair of comfy pj's. (Generally during this time you are crying because you just want to go to sleep)
9:00/ 9:15 PM you are exhausted by this point, so I bundle you up in one of your MANY blankets, give you a bottle, hold you just up until the point where you are ready to doze off, and put you to bed. 

I am blessed, because you are a very easy baby. I suppose it helps that I have you on a fairly steady, daily routine. You officially only get up once in the night and it's at about 4-5 AM, Mommy appreciate's that greatly ;-)  Truth be told you have always done well sleeping, eating, and maintaining a good mood. I'm hoping that, that continues well into your life. 

As always you are well loved and we are blessed to have you!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Two Months Old Today!!!

2 Days

Where did time go?! It's hard to believe that it's already been two months since you've come into the world my dear Alana. You have made excellent strides on development and you are on the fast track to talking! You started cooing shortly after our visit to Colorado and have been perfecting those sounds for almost a month now. You have a very specific sound you make when you are sleepy and want to be held. Sorry to say, I can't always pick you up when you make that noise, so that noise quickly becomes your very angry and very loud cry. 

2 Months
My favorite time of day with you is right after you wake up from your have so much to say, you smile a lot, and you have the cutest little baby laugh! For example, right now you are sitting in your Bumbo seat, smiling and cooing at me right now :-) I love it! 

We got your pictures done today, nothing too fancy. The picture to the right is one of them. Look at how happy you are! You've gotten so big and I'm so excited to see how much more you change and grow, and yet at the same time, I want to keep you as a baby :-( 

Mommy's had a rough time these last 8 weeks. Recovering from having you, and then WHAM; I got hit with continual gallbladder problems. I had surgery to get it removed almost two weeks ago and I also had that awful hernia repaired too. That was a very rough time for me, because I had to leave you. I almost cried, but I stayed strong because I knew you had great people taking care of you during the day, and then Daddy took care of you at night because I had to stay overnight in the hospital. My first few days back home were slow and sore, but you were good so that made it easier. I'm now on the fast road to recovery and Lord willing there won't be any more problems. That means I'll be able to spend time playing and having fun with you!!

Uh-oh, by the look on your face, I'll be changing your diaper in a couple minutes. Know this my dear, no matter how many stinky diapers you make, or how many times you cry at night (right when Mommy lays her head down to sleep), your Daddy and I love you dearly and can't wait to see what your future holds! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1 Month Already

They say time flies when you're having fun; if that is the case, I'm having the time of my life! My sweet Alana you are 1 month old (and a day, I'm a tad late typing this). To see how you've developed and changed already is like watching my own personal miracle. I am in awe of the awesome power of creation and the intricate design that is you. For example, did you know that right now your voice box is higher in your throat, this enables you to breathe while you eat, without swallowing milk down your windpipe. Isn't that amazing!? Or how about the fact that you don't see in color yet, this helps keep yours senses from being overwhelmed. Oh and that incredibly cute chubby face of yours...yeah the chubbiness helps you learn how to use your jaw and to develop that coordination. 

One of my favorite pictures of you!!
You started making new noises while we were in Colorado. Some pleasantly sweet, and then you have one noise which I have dubbed your "I'm irritated" noise. Your lungs are certainly growing, because you're getting louder. You are cooing in your sleep more frequently and the sounds just keep on getting cuter. I'm still so very anxious to hear you coo of your own free will!! 

We've hit a bump in the road I suppose you could say, speaking of you sleeping. You've decided that sleeping with Mommy is better than sleeping in your bassinet and while I'm sure this is 100% true in your brain, I don't agree. So, it's been quite the battle these last couple of days, but we are swiftly making headway. For instance, right now you are snoozing on the couch instead in my lap. Granted, our trip to Colorado is probably what helped you make this not so good decision. You didn't like the bassinet that Grandma had and you got all stuffy if I laid you on your blankets on the floor, so the only bed with Mommy and Daddy: thus our problem. I suppose I can't get too upset about this, because at the very least you are practically sleeping through the night, you only get up 1-2 times MAX, so to that I say thank you my dear :-)

You went to the doctor today for a check-up. Doctor gave the thumbs up and says you're just where you need to be growth and development wise. That's my girl!! :-) You are now: 9lbs 1oz and 21.5" long. you are quickly growing out of your newborn clothes (which are so cute!) and I'll be lucky if I can stretch the newborn diapers another week. I'd be okay if you slowed down the whole getting bigger thing (just temporarily), I have so many newborn diapers I still need to use! 

All's well in your land of baby-ness! I'm so excited to watch and be a part of your continued development! And as always you are loved!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Grand Arrival

I must apologize at my lack of keeping up with my entries...
Alana Michelle was born on June 17th at 9:55 PM, weighing in at a healthy 7lbs 15oz and she was 20" long! She also came with a head of hair which has now lightened to a beautiful blondish color!

The delivery went smoothly, I didn't have to do a thing, but I wish'd I could have. at 9:15 PM on June 17th I was admitted into the OR for a C-section. I had gone all day without my cervix dilating one little bit! Most painful part you ask? the localized numbing agent that they STABBED into my spinal cord...3 TIMES! Alright, so perhaps that's an exaggeration (the "stabbed" part), but it definitely was the most physically painful part. 

To be honest, I was terrified. Up until then the most "major" surgery I had ever had was my wisdom teeth removed. I didn't relax until I heard Alana cry for the very first time, I think even Daddy got a little teary-eyed. There is nothing quite like the sound of hearing your child's cry for the very first time. You go 9, almost 10 months wondering what she's going to look like, who will she take after more, is she going to be healthy, will she have hair, will her eyes be like Mommy's (Mommy's eyes are prettier, haha), but when it comes right down to the time for it all to happen, the only thing I cared about was hearing her cry, because that means she made it and she's ok. 

Recovery was tough, but you made it better Alana. they would bring you in to me every morning and we'd spend all day together, but at night, they would wheel you to the nursery, because I had to sleep and get better. They took GREAT care of both of us at the hospital. Those first few days all you did was sleep and sleep and sleep, haha. You passed your hearing test well, so I know that if you don't hear what I say from now on it's because you're choosing to ignore me...just so you know. 

They did more than just deliver you during my surgery, they also helped get Mommy cleaned up. They found a tumor (the size of a softball!), it was benign, that they went ahead a removed, and they also said they found some scar tissue that they got rid of. So in that area, Mommy's in tip-top shape! You did give me some issues with my gall bladder, but we're hoping and praying that corrects itself, otherwise I get to have another surgery, but that's ok too, because it will never be able to cause me trouble again if I get it removed :-) 

We're leaving to visit Colorado tomorrow (Thursday, July 12th), Grandma, Grandpa, your 3 Uncles, and your Aunt all really want to meet you. I hope that you cooperate on the flight, it's only 3 hours, I have confidence that you'll do just fine snuggled up with Mommy in your Moby Wrap! the Moby Wrap is your favorite thing right now, it keeps you tight to Mommy and you go right to sleep :-) 

You've definitely grown since day 1. You're almost 1 month old now and you have quite the personality, haha. You do what I call the Daddy face: you scrunch up your little forehead and eyes, and you look just like Daddy when you do that. Speaking of eyes; yours are going to be absolutely beautiful! They are starting to lighten up, and right now they are a deep, grayish blue color, and you try your absolute hardest to see EVERYTHING, unfortunately you can't see much further than a foot from your nose right now, but don't worry it gets better.

Apollo loves you! He gets so concerned when you cry that he comes and finds me and pokes me with his nose. At night, he curls up at the foot of your bassinet. I was worried that he wouldn't do well or that he would be hyper, but he seems to know that you're fragile so he is very gentle with you, and keeps his distance when you're being held. I have a feeling that you guys are going to be great friends growing up together! 

You're changing so quickly and growing up so fast! You've started cooing in your sleep and when you eat, I can't wait till you figure out you can do it all the time!! Daddy taught you to stick out your tongue when he does, but you'll have to learn it's not always ok to do that when you're older. 

Children are a blessing and being a mother has been fulfilling in ways I cannot explain. Just when I thought I had loved all I could, God gave me more love to give! I love you and Daddy loves you Alana

Always remember, 
You are well loved! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ready Or Not...

I am 35 weeks along! This special bonding time I've had with you Alana is coming to an end, but you've definitely kept Mommy on her toes. With a slightly alarming trip to the Hospital under my belt (as of a little over a week ago), I press on to completion. No worries needed now about the brief stint at the hospital, but at the time it was scary, simply because I didn't have a clue what was going on. Intense upper abdominal pain, lasting 30 minutes, followed by a violent episode of being sick tends to make this new Mommy panic. Once it was established that all was ok, I felt kind of selfish because I got yet another ultrasound. I've officially received more ultrasounds than that of my fellow pregnant friends **smiles**. You are very healthy my dear, but again I must say, why all the angry faces?!

May 16th, 2012, the ultrasound technician measured you in at an approximate weight of 5 lbs 7 oz! Again, I say, Alana, if you want to come early, you won't hurt my feelings at all! But let's just for my peace of mind say that you don't come until 37 weeks. They say that you've dropped and that you could come whenever you wanted, so be a good girl and come when your ready, but before you get too big for your cute newborn clothes!

In final preparation for your grand entrance, everything is set up! You have your very own crib, changing table, and dresser. Mommy was even lucky to get a pack n play to lay you in when we travel, which we will be doing so that proud great-grandparents can see you! You know, on one side, you are the first and only official great-grandbaby, how exciting for you!

Anxiety, anticipation, nervousness, and excitement grows with every day! There were times when I dreamed of being a Mommy. There was also a time when I resolved myself to the possibility of never being one, but now here I am on the brink of a miraculous, life-changing adventure. What a gift! I'm humbled that God has chosen me, and I can only pray earnestly that I become the Mommy you need me to be.

Closing words of wisdom to you my dear:

Surround yourself with good friends of godly character and good report; they will be your life-line in helping you stay true to God in this world. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Your First Stern Talkin' To!

Got another ultrasound done today. It was exciting, and slightly scary to see how much she had developed and grown! Under normal circumstances I wouldn't be receiving anymore ultrasounds, but because it's my life and nothing can be normal I get more chances to see my little Alana, which is most definitely a plus. Now for the scary side of things...

Look, it's my future! Kidding (kinda...)
Lil Miss Alana, you are going to be a very healthy baby, which means that your Momma (yeah that'd be me) is going to have quite the time when you decide to come into this world. Write this down people; on April 30th, 2012, Alana Michelle weighed in at 4 lbs 12 oz, with 2 more months to go! Anybody feeling sorry for me at all yet?? Is sympathy too much to ask, because so far, I've only gotten laughter, and a couple of tears...THROUGH THE LAUGHTER! I suppose it'll be ok, because the rumor is, Jesus doesn't give us anymore than we can handle. Unfortunately, it's starting to look like Jesus thinks I'm amazing. Which, don't get me wrong I am...but even I have my limits ;-) 

Just when you thought things were smooth sailing, I got quite the disturbing 4D ultrasound picture. Alana was actually angry in her picture! That's when I had a flash-forward to 15 years down the road, and I swallowed down the little cry for help that tried to escape. I'm not kidding, guys, she had the frown, wrinkled brow, and she genuinely looked mad that she had been disturbed. So this is where I get to play my ultimate trump Mom card; Lil Miss Thang, you have no right to "feel" disturbed right now. I'm the only one in this situation that has any "right" to have an angry look, especially since you spend most of your day playing my organs like bongos, thank you very much. So when a camera/ultrasound wand comes around to take your picture, you better be all smiles next time! 

Mommy Loves You Alana!  

Monday, April 23, 2012

In The Not So Distant Future...

Well I feel as if congratulations are in order for myself. During this pregnancy I have become quite the "hurdle" jumper. The first hurdle was the 1st Trimester, that was brutal: Alana, honey, you were not very nice to Mommy when we first discovered you. Ill does not even properly describe what I went through for about 14 weeks. Top that off with Tums being on the "no no" list for the 1st Trimester and topping that even higher with the harsh reality that I could not take anything to curb the nausea. Alana, if you ever want to know specific stories, ask Daddy, because he has some "funny" ones. 

The second hurdle, I suppose this one feels more like a perpetual metaphorical hurdle, as I'm still in the process of leaping over it. The bigger you get dearest Alana, the more Mommy's tummy looks weird. I believe the technical term is "umbilical hernia," not so much fun either, but, I have a found a way to temporarily rectify the issue until I can get the surgery done to fix it. It only hurts sometimes, but that's ok, because I know that it has to be this way so that you can get bigger before your grand entrance into the world. 

The third hurdle, I've already discussed in a previous post. The tear in my placenta. That hurdle was only conquered by the miraculous healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to Him may all the glory go. I cannot in any way lay claim to this, but I thank God for being able to be an instrument through which He can receive recognition for the healing that took place. Alana, if I can teach you anything, it would be this: you have a Heavenly Father that infinitely loves you, cares for you, and wants nothing more than to have a personal relationship with you; so when the world lets you down, which it will, never forget your Father in Heaven will NEVER forsake you.

And finally, as we enter the final stretch of this race, we have come upon the fourth hurdle, and Lord willing, other then the birth itself, this is the final hurdle. Gestational Diabetes; that phrase strikes panic into soon-to-be mothers everywhere, and you always hope it isn't you that gets it. Sorry, but I did. But please don't worry because, with a proper diet and close monitoring, everything will be A-OK. I do get to have two more ultrasounds before the real show, so that part is exciting! The more chances to see your face my little Alana, as long as it causes no problems to you, I am ok with.  

With 9 weeks left and counting, Alana, you'll be here before you know it! Daddy and I are very excited and look forward to holding you in our arms. We do ask that you don't try to come early, take your time (but not too long), and make sure you're fully developed and ready. Oh by the way, Apollo, your puppy and future playmate, is anxious too, he knows something big is about to happen! 

And as always, 
You Are Loved

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hmm, still 3 Months Left...

At the urging of a friend, I have decided to write another journal entry. I realize that the title to this entry may be confusing, come to find out, I'm just not that good at "pregnant math." What is pregnant math you ask? It is it's own mathematical system that does not jive with the math everyone has learned. So I've decided that from here on out I will simply talk in "week" terminology. With that being said, I am in my 28th week. 

To the left here is Alana's precious little foot. My usage of the word "precious" can be translated in any way you would personally like to read it...but let it be known, that while I love my child and cannot wait for the day to hold her, I can honestly say that I do not like her foot/feet. It seems that her feet find the most inconvenient time to jar my insides. 

The kick's that once provided the "awe" moments in my day, have now become my "Ow!!" moments. Is it possible to sustain internal bleeding from this?? 

Ok, ok so maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. But there are definitely times when I can look down and see my belly violently jump. I'm proud of Alana for keeping up with her Calisthenics and staying in good health, but Mommy's organs, and bones for that matter, need a break every now and then! Yes that's right, I said bones. Yesterday, while in the dining hall partaking of the Seder meal, dearest Alana, got turned upside down thus lodging, what I assume was her hind-end up under my ribs, and proceeded to flutter kick the lower, left side of my abdomen. 

Talk about an uncomfortable experience! But then at the same time, it made me marvel at the miracle that is life. Deeper still, human life. What a gift! Have you ever thought about it? I mean truly tried to comprehend the intrinsically, complex, beautiful formation of a single cell taking the form of a baby. Even at 6 weeks I could see her body forming.

Obviously, this is not one of my ultrasound pictures, but look at the detail found already, at only 6 weeks! 

<- This is what my child is able to do right now at 28 weeks! Again I say look at the beautiful detail! How can there not be a Creator?! How can this miraculous beauty be an accident of random cells coming together. There is no possible way that I will ever be convinced to believe anything but that there is a Creator. That Creator has taken my DNA and my husband's DNA, woven them together to create something beautiful and perfect! 

My little Alana, when you read this, know that God loves you and took great care to create everything about you!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

3 Months left...

((I have come to the realization that I am not crafty, creative, or artistic in any manner, and so, I have decided to blog this journey for my daughter to read later. Thus the title: The Beginnings. I hope that you can join in my joy as I blog the development of my pregnancy and the first 2 years of my baby girl's life.))

Alana Michelle - Due June 27th, 2012

Motherhood; a word that contains a lot of expectations: spoken and unspoken, realized and yet to be realized.   Do I feel adequately up for the task? Absolutely not. Do I feel unprepared for the life altering future that is upon me? Absolutely. Part of my mind is screaming; "What were you thinking?! A baby?!" Please do not misunderstand me, babies are the best blessing God can bestow upon a family. 

I am strengthened in the truth that God has given my husband and I a priceless treasure and a great responsibility. In the same respects, I am weakened in my humanity because I feel unprepared and inadequate for the task. The Lord knows what we need and it is no different in my personal life. The Lord knows my heart and knows the desires I have. It is in the "down time" in my day that I begin to worry and raise concerns about what kind of parent I will become, and it is about that time that Alana kicks me :-) 

The miraculous truth of life is growing literally before my eyes. Whether it is looking down and seeing my ever distending belly, or it is looking at the monitor in the doctor's office and seeing my daughter's little nose, hands, and feet. The reality of what is to come is ever present now that she has started moving, all the time!  In conjunction with that harsh reality, a more gentle one came when I found out that my voice soothes her and lulls her to stillness ((so Mommy can sleep, study, or take notes)).

The beginning of February marked the first time I felt her kick. I wasn't sure what it was that I had felt, so I waited, somewhat impatiently, as I was lying on my bed, and then ever so faintly it happened again. A little kick, no stronger then a flutter, but it did not stay sweet and gentle for long. The end of February a drastic change came for little Alana; she was becoming much stronger and getting bigger! At this point Chris could feel her kick me, and was convinced that he could make her kick me on command.

March 6th, 2012 was a scary day for us. A routine ultrasound confirmed a tear, which means that the placenta was coming away from the uterine wall. What better way to show God's glory then through our infirmities and His ability to perform miracles?! Because of this ultrasound discovery, they scheduled an appointment with a specialist at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. Sadly this was also my husband's birthday, but the Lord knows what we need!

Thursday, March 8th, after over 48 hours of people praying for the three of us, we went to the appointment. After an extensive ultrasound (it lasted about 1 and 1/2 hours), they found nothing wrong! Praise God!! The only thing the doctor found was a very active and a very healthy baby girl, my baby girl. Alana was very entertaining during the appointment, at one point she head-butted my stomach. She couldn't seem to find a comfortable position in my stomach, which lead to the technician chasing her all over my belly with the ultrasound wand.

A real truth to take away from this...The Lord hears and answers prayers, and is still in the business of
performing miracles! Never forget that little Alana!