Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy 1/4 Birthday Alana!!

not even 1 week old!
11 weeks old!
3 months old already?! Amazing how time goes by so quickly! You are changing so much, it's hard to keep up. You look more and more like me (Your Mommy) everyday :-) This makes me very happy, because for the longest time you looked mostly like Daddy, I'm happy to see you're taking on some of my more delicate facial features (nose and eyes). Your eyes are beautiful, and they light up when you smile! And that is something you do all the time! You talk so much, I just wish I knew what you were trying to say! 
11 weeks old!

As you can clearly see in the picture to your left, you are already trying to sit up. You think that "tummy time" is a ridiculous notion and will have no part in it. Last night while Daddy was playing with you on your play mat you almost rolled over!! So needless to say, you are extremely active. I think that it has to do with your strong will, as you seem to have plenty of that.

You went on a shopping trip with me on Saturday the 15th. My sole purpose in going on that trip was to try to find you some books, and we succeeded!! But don't worry, books weren't the only things I got you. I found you some CUTE clothes and a humidifier for when you get sick.

Your supply of books is slowly increasing, and you love them all! You smile and squeal with delight at each new page turned! I only hope you maintain this passion for books. I love reading, and I hope that you take after me in that area. I believe you are going to; the way you study the pages, quite intently, as if trying to grasp the concept of the pictures, haha. OK, so I know that's not necessarily true, about the concept grasping, but you really do look at the pages intently, and the face you make, makes it seem like you are trying to make sense of what you see :-) 

You've grown tremendously since your 2 month check up! you are now 2 feet long, and you weight over 11lbs! You're still hanging in the higher end of percentages on your height, which is astonishing considering the lack of height in your immediate family. I wish I could keep you little always, but I know that's not possible. You are learning so much and so quickly! You eat rice cereal already. You've been doing that for about 2 weeks now, and really seem to enjoy that time of your day. The rice cereal is a part of your nighttime routine, which I'm proud to say I have down to a "T". 

7:00/7:15 PM we commence cereal time (you enjoy it, but man it takes a loooooong time)
7:45/8:00 PM we commence bath time (also enjoyable, it's the getting out part you detest)
8:30 PM our night time process begins: drying you off, lotion, cream and powder (on your behind), fresh diaper, and a pair of comfy pj's. (Generally during this time you are crying because you just want to go to sleep)
9:00/ 9:15 PM you are exhausted by this point, so I bundle you up in one of your MANY blankets, give you a bottle, hold you just up until the point where you are ready to doze off, and put you to bed. 

I am blessed, because you are a very easy baby. I suppose it helps that I have you on a fairly steady, daily routine. You officially only get up once in the night and it's at about 4-5 AM, Mommy appreciate's that greatly ;-)  Truth be told you have always done well sleeping, eating, and maintaining a good mood. I'm hoping that, that continues well into your life. 

As always you are well loved and we are blessed to have you!!

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