Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1 Month Already

They say time flies when you're having fun; if that is the case, I'm having the time of my life! My sweet Alana you are 1 month old (and a day, I'm a tad late typing this). To see how you've developed and changed already is like watching my own personal miracle. I am in awe of the awesome power of creation and the intricate design that is you. For example, did you know that right now your voice box is higher in your throat, this enables you to breathe while you eat, without swallowing milk down your windpipe. Isn't that amazing!? Or how about the fact that you don't see in color yet, this helps keep yours senses from being overwhelmed. Oh and that incredibly cute chubby face of yours...yeah the chubbiness helps you learn how to use your jaw and to develop that coordination. 

One of my favorite pictures of you!!
You started making new noises while we were in Colorado. Some pleasantly sweet, and then you have one noise which I have dubbed your "I'm irritated" noise. Your lungs are certainly growing, because you're getting louder. You are cooing in your sleep more frequently and the sounds just keep on getting cuter. I'm still so very anxious to hear you coo of your own free will!! 

We've hit a bump in the road I suppose you could say, speaking of you sleeping. You've decided that sleeping with Mommy is better than sleeping in your bassinet and while I'm sure this is 100% true in your brain, I don't agree. So, it's been quite the battle these last couple of days, but we are swiftly making headway. For instance, right now you are snoozing on the couch instead in my lap. Granted, our trip to Colorado is probably what helped you make this not so good decision. You didn't like the bassinet that Grandma had and you got all stuffy if I laid you on your blankets on the floor, so the only bed with Mommy and Daddy: thus our problem. I suppose I can't get too upset about this, because at the very least you are practically sleeping through the night, you only get up 1-2 times MAX, so to that I say thank you my dear :-)

You went to the doctor today for a check-up. Doctor gave the thumbs up and says you're just where you need to be growth and development wise. That's my girl!! :-) You are now: 9lbs 1oz and 21.5" long. you are quickly growing out of your newborn clothes (which are so cute!) and I'll be lucky if I can stretch the newborn diapers another week. I'd be okay if you slowed down the whole getting bigger thing (just temporarily), I have so many newborn diapers I still need to use! 

All's well in your land of baby-ness! I'm so excited to watch and be a part of your continued development! And as always you are loved!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Grand Arrival

I must apologize at my lack of keeping up with my entries...
Alana Michelle was born on June 17th at 9:55 PM, weighing in at a healthy 7lbs 15oz and she was 20" long! She also came with a head of hair which has now lightened to a beautiful blondish color!

The delivery went smoothly, I didn't have to do a thing, but I wish'd I could have. at 9:15 PM on June 17th I was admitted into the OR for a C-section. I had gone all day without my cervix dilating one little bit! Most painful part you ask? the localized numbing agent that they STABBED into my spinal cord...3 TIMES! Alright, so perhaps that's an exaggeration (the "stabbed" part), but it definitely was the most physically painful part. 

To be honest, I was terrified. Up until then the most "major" surgery I had ever had was my wisdom teeth removed. I didn't relax until I heard Alana cry for the very first time, I think even Daddy got a little teary-eyed. There is nothing quite like the sound of hearing your child's cry for the very first time. You go 9, almost 10 months wondering what she's going to look like, who will she take after more, is she going to be healthy, will she have hair, will her eyes be like Mommy's (Mommy's eyes are prettier, haha), but when it comes right down to the time for it all to happen, the only thing I cared about was hearing her cry, because that means she made it and she's ok. 

Recovery was tough, but you made it better Alana. they would bring you in to me every morning and we'd spend all day together, but at night, they would wheel you to the nursery, because I had to sleep and get better. They took GREAT care of both of us at the hospital. Those first few days all you did was sleep and sleep and sleep, haha. You passed your hearing test well, so I know that if you don't hear what I say from now on it's because you're choosing to ignore me...just so you know. 

They did more than just deliver you during my surgery, they also helped get Mommy cleaned up. They found a tumor (the size of a softball!), it was benign, that they went ahead a removed, and they also said they found some scar tissue that they got rid of. So in that area, Mommy's in tip-top shape! You did give me some issues with my gall bladder, but we're hoping and praying that corrects itself, otherwise I get to have another surgery, but that's ok too, because it will never be able to cause me trouble again if I get it removed :-) 

We're leaving to visit Colorado tomorrow (Thursday, July 12th), Grandma, Grandpa, your 3 Uncles, and your Aunt all really want to meet you. I hope that you cooperate on the flight, it's only 3 hours, I have confidence that you'll do just fine snuggled up with Mommy in your Moby Wrap! the Moby Wrap is your favorite thing right now, it keeps you tight to Mommy and you go right to sleep :-) 

You've definitely grown since day 1. You're almost 1 month old now and you have quite the personality, haha. You do what I call the Daddy face: you scrunch up your little forehead and eyes, and you look just like Daddy when you do that. Speaking of eyes; yours are going to be absolutely beautiful! They are starting to lighten up, and right now they are a deep, grayish blue color, and you try your absolute hardest to see EVERYTHING, unfortunately you can't see much further than a foot from your nose right now, but don't worry it gets better.

Apollo loves you! He gets so concerned when you cry that he comes and finds me and pokes me with his nose. At night, he curls up at the foot of your bassinet. I was worried that he wouldn't do well or that he would be hyper, but he seems to know that you're fragile so he is very gentle with you, and keeps his distance when you're being held. I have a feeling that you guys are going to be great friends growing up together! 

You're changing so quickly and growing up so fast! You've started cooing in your sleep and when you eat, I can't wait till you figure out you can do it all the time!! Daddy taught you to stick out your tongue when he does, but you'll have to learn it's not always ok to do that when you're older. 

Children are a blessing and being a mother has been fulfilling in ways I cannot explain. Just when I thought I had loved all I could, God gave me more love to give! I love you and Daddy loves you Alana

Always remember, 
You are well loved!