Thursday, May 16, 2013

11 months??? No Way!!

My predictions from my last post for you were correct! Here we are, you 11 months old, and walking!! It wasn't but 1 week after my last post that you mastered walking with the assistance of stationary items. Last month (sorry I didn't post for your 10month), you enjoyed the freedom of walking with your mobile toys. And from 10 months to 11 months you have mastered walking with stationary items, mobile toys, Momma's hand, and for the last two weeks you have become brave in your attempts to walk with NO ASSISTANCE! I'm so proud of you! Just yesterday, literally,  you became bored with crawling all together. though you still won't freely walk very far, balance being an issue, you will walk from couch to couch and toy to toy. I can't believe how much you've grown!

This video to the above is you at around 10 months. You were so exciting to be "walking" on your own. Your father enjoyed this experience with you! He's so proud, we're both so proud of your achievements.

I haven't been able to get a video of your "regular" walking, as those moments are brief and cannot be coordinated to fit with my demands yet, lol. But as soon as I can get it on video, all the grandparents and great-grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles will see it! You my dear, will be a star :-) (the video below was taken 4 days ago)

In other news, you seem to have faded out wanting to say "Mama", though you have perfected "Dada". Don't worry, I'm not upset, because I know you love me! I'm so glad that you call your Father, and holler for him when he comes home. He feels so loved and wanted when you do that. You won't remember this, but his face beams with happiness every time you call for him.  I still get a name mention every now and then, but it's always when you really want something, or something has gone terribly wrong in your little world. 

Also in other Baby World News, you my dear are cutting 4 teeth at once!! The doctor predicted this, and she was right!! Right now you're my little vampire, because your pointy little side front teeth are coming in "first", quickly followed by 1 of your front teeth, and the other front tooth is just now making its appearance too! Too cute for words. Again, I wish I could get a picture of them, but you just refuse to cooperate. 

We have a BUSY few weeks coming up! First, a quick trip to see your great-grandparents and many other family members in Michigan, your first real road trip ever! (hoping for a smooth ride) Then, in June, is of course your birthday!! After that, the end of June is a BIG time for us. We will be moving to Colorado!! Your Colorado Grandma will have 3 dogs for you to play with! Not to mention, your 2 uncles and your 1 aunt and then of course, Grandma and Grandpa. You my dear, will definitely NOT be starving for attention. 

Till next entry! We love you so very much!