Friday, December 21, 2012

The Time?? Where Has It Gone??

6- Days Old
6- Months Old
"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" Alana's favorite 'word'. No more cute "Ma ma ma ma" or "la la la la" while sticking her tongue out. No I've lost that precious child, and it has been replaced with a growling monster! 6 months old and she already has so much to say...or growl rather. This isn't just an ordinary growl, no it, just like the complexity of some English words, has three different meanings. Meaning #1: "Grrrrrrrr" while smiling means, "hahaha, this is fun Mommy!". Meaning #2: "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" while throwing her chest out means, "I DON'T WANNA BE IN THIS SEAT, MOMMY!" (<- that one's followed promptly with a swat on her leg and a firm "no" from me) Meaning #3: "Grrrrrrrrr" while smacking her lips and throwing herself forward during mealtime means, "You clearly aren't feeding me fast enough, Mother!" 
5 1/2 months old

Where did the days of precious moments and endearing "awh's" go? And yet, I'm so proud of her for achieving so much in such little time! From the early days of the discovery of her fingers and toes, to the current days of her exploring the many different ways she can scoot; from the early days of coos and gurgles, to the current days of her laughter, giggles, and squeals of delight filling the halls; and even from the early days of me trying to decipher what her cries meant, to the current days of her being able to tell me exactly what's what through inflection. I have spent all these days, all 6 months of them, in awe of the way God has created humans to develop!  

As Christmas is a mere few days away, I cannot help but grow continuously more excited everyday! Though Christmas is a time to remember the most important thing of all, Christ's life and all He did and is doing for us, it's also a time for the children! It is a time for them to revel in the mystery of the season. To learn with only the special awe, reverence, and humility seen in a child about the life of Jesus, coming to us as a baby! The draw of Saint Nicholas (who was a real person), and the understanding of why his story was kept alive. I'm so overly excited to begin establishing Christmas traditions in my own family, now that I have one! I can't wait to revel in the joy of the season with my baby girl as she grows over the years and along with it her growth of understanding. I can't wait to see her face light up on Christmas morning as we all share together in gift giving. 
Alana my dear, there is never a dull moment with you! As always, Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!