Monday, February 18, 2013

8 Months - Two Teeth - and Laughter All The Way!

8 Days Old
  I can't believe how much time has passed and how quickly it has done so! I'm not fooling myself, I realize that things will only speed up from here. I feel as if you've taken a nose dive into the pool of milestones, as they seem to be happening one right after another. It's almost too much to keep up with and keep straight in my head. Luckily, I have been able to take pictures of each one! I even have managed to get videos too, which I will naturally use to embarrass you when you bring your first date home to meet your Father and I. 

As a new Mom I found my self being incredibly overzealous and being too anxious over your achievements, or the lack there of. I will admit I found myself stressing over the fact that you had not decided to crawl yet. It wasn't until I got your 8-month pictures done that you decided to show me your skills! I blame it on the fact that we had no carpet, and the discovery of a stable crawling surface inspired your mobility, because you've been doing it ever since. However, with this new found freedom, comes such phrases as: "Alana, no!", and "Alana, Mommy said no!" The latter of the two seems to strike fear into you the most, because that phrase is usually followed by your tears (lasting mere seconds). 

With the discovery of the crawling, came the exploration into the mode of crawling. You've experimented with three different kinds: 1) pictured to the right, didn't last very long. 2) you began crawling with a mixture of one foot and one knee, and 3) the "normal" mode of crawling. You seem to have settled on the 3rd for the most part, but every now and then we see this --->
I can't help but laugh when I see you do this, because it makes me think of a monkey!! 

One of your milestones, forced upon you, was the development of two bottom teeth! And while you look so adorable with your teefers, they sure do hurt!! Hence my failed attempt at implementing the "be gentle" lesson. It's still a work in progress; I'm not giving up, and as of today I'm see some signs of improvement!  Two pearly whites on the bottom and a nose that still runs like a faucet, makes me wonder if you're not trying to make some more show up! With the incoming of the teeth came the realization of chewing. This was also helped by a visit to the Vanaman's, who's son (7 days younger than you) is a chewer! And now here we are, just days later, and you're munching on 'puffs', small pieces of crackers, and whatever else we'll share with you! I'm picking you up your first real toothbrush tonight so that we can start practicing proper oral hygiene, which is very important!

And the 'Mother' of all milestones you've reached thus far.....((cue drum roll))...... You have said your first word!! And to clear things up with your grandparents, it was NOT the word 'no'; it was 'Mama'. You said it clear as day a few days ago when you were looking at me! I was so happy :-) You've now made the connection that saying that phrase repeatedly will get my attention/response of  "What Baby?" You're also working on saying "dada" and "lana"(short version of your name), but I don't think you know the power of those words yet. All in due time. But I'm so incredibly proud of you! You have also begun mimicking the sounds of singing, and you're good at keeping the right tone, which impresses me! I hope that I can instill in you a passion for music and singing, and who knows maybe one day you and I can sing songs together!

My darling daughter, you get more beautiful every day!
Never forget you are most dearly loved by us, your grandparents, and all your family!