Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy 4 Months My Lovely Alana!!

When you were born, that was the longest 4 days (in the hospital) of my life! I went through a lot of pain, staples, and recovery. Truth be told, I felt absolutely no pain when I would hold you. The same holds true now! When I hold you the pain of my days, worries, or frustrations all melt away. Your smile is electric and your face shines with  happiness when you see Daddy and Mommy(me). 

You have changed so much over the past month! You discover new things almost every day it seems. Your latest discovery is making raspberry noises. It's cute beyond belief, though it is a tad messy :-) The absolute cutest thing you do?? Laugh. You only laugh when you're being tickled and the laugh only happens on occasion, but when it does, C-U-T-E!!! You still try to read to Mommy and Daddy, but now you seem to be more intrigued with the details of the pictures on the pages than voicing your opinion about them. 

I used to think you were a strangely quiet baby, even when you cried it wasn't very loud. Oh my how those days are gone, ha ha. You have discovered the art of yelling to convey how  upset you are. Your lungs are developing their full potential. When you are initially getting upset you say, "Ayyyeeeee" several times and then that turns into full-fledged cries of anger.   Case and point, just a few minutes ago. But now you have calmed down and you are staring at me from your swing, listening to Pandora, and your eyes tell me sleep is not far off for you. 

You are becoming extremely expressive, and I love it! Your smiles, your smirks, your sad face, your shocked face, your contemplative face (generally happens when you are looking at pictures, videos, or books), and your straight face that you see here in this picture to the right. 

You find it incredibly fun to try to mimic sounds that Mommy and Daddy make! You're favorite one is "Arrrrrrrrg"! I'll get it on video once you get more consistent with it. 

I think you have two favorite times of the day: being held and EATING! I started you on rice cereal (a tad early) a while ago because it seemed that the bottle was no longer enough. Since then we have expanded your horizons in the food world. You now enjoy: oatmeal, peas, and green beans. You are a particular fan of oatmeal and green beans (not mixed, of course). I can't let you eat all that you want because that would be too much for your little baby tummy. You are not happy when I have to "cut you off", but you do comply when I give you a bottle; trying to drink it in between small cries of disagreeance that fade quickly. 

Daddy tells me sometimes how he's kind of scared about you growing up. His immediate fear; when you start getting mobile. I tell him all the time, it will be ok. In my opinion, that's my favorite time, because then play time is just that much more fun!! Do I look forward to having to chase you when we're NOT playing, no I can't say that I do, but that monumental step in your life is still a few months away. Until then, I don't mind being able to keep you near me without your protesting. I know there will come a time when you will protest having to be held, having to hold my hand, and having to stay with me, but for now you love being with Mommy and Daddy!

My words of wisdom for you:
Never forget how to smile! Never let your eyes stop shining with joy! Keep your laughter, you'll need it to get through the hard times. More importantly keep your faith always, because during the times when a smile isn't enough, and laughter is silent, God will be there to remind you that you are still loved and that you can know joy again. 

Daddy and I love you immensely, more than you will ever know or understand. So proud to be your Mommy and I am so incredibly excited to watch you keep growing!!

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