Friday, May 25, 2012

Ready Or Not...

I am 35 weeks along! This special bonding time I've had with you Alana is coming to an end, but you've definitely kept Mommy on her toes. With a slightly alarming trip to the Hospital under my belt (as of a little over a week ago), I press on to completion. No worries needed now about the brief stint at the hospital, but at the time it was scary, simply because I didn't have a clue what was going on. Intense upper abdominal pain, lasting 30 minutes, followed by a violent episode of being sick tends to make this new Mommy panic. Once it was established that all was ok, I felt kind of selfish because I got yet another ultrasound. I've officially received more ultrasounds than that of my fellow pregnant friends **smiles**. You are very healthy my dear, but again I must say, why all the angry faces?!

May 16th, 2012, the ultrasound technician measured you in at an approximate weight of 5 lbs 7 oz! Again, I say, Alana, if you want to come early, you won't hurt my feelings at all! But let's just for my peace of mind say that you don't come until 37 weeks. They say that you've dropped and that you could come whenever you wanted, so be a good girl and come when your ready, but before you get too big for your cute newborn clothes!

In final preparation for your grand entrance, everything is set up! You have your very own crib, changing table, and dresser. Mommy was even lucky to get a pack n play to lay you in when we travel, which we will be doing so that proud great-grandparents can see you! You know, on one side, you are the first and only official great-grandbaby, how exciting for you!

Anxiety, anticipation, nervousness, and excitement grows with every day! There were times when I dreamed of being a Mommy. There was also a time when I resolved myself to the possibility of never being one, but now here I am on the brink of a miraculous, life-changing adventure. What a gift! I'm humbled that God has chosen me, and I can only pray earnestly that I become the Mommy you need me to be.

Closing words of wisdom to you my dear:

Surround yourself with good friends of godly character and good report; they will be your life-line in helping you stay true to God in this world. 


  1. Alana just tell your Mom your room is to small. A bigger room will make you smile.