Monday, April 30, 2012

Your First Stern Talkin' To!

Got another ultrasound done today. It was exciting, and slightly scary to see how much she had developed and grown! Under normal circumstances I wouldn't be receiving anymore ultrasounds, but because it's my life and nothing can be normal I get more chances to see my little Alana, which is most definitely a plus. Now for the scary side of things...

Look, it's my future! Kidding (kinda...)
Lil Miss Alana, you are going to be a very healthy baby, which means that your Momma (yeah that'd be me) is going to have quite the time when you decide to come into this world. Write this down people; on April 30th, 2012, Alana Michelle weighed in at 4 lbs 12 oz, with 2 more months to go! Anybody feeling sorry for me at all yet?? Is sympathy too much to ask, because so far, I've only gotten laughter, and a couple of tears...THROUGH THE LAUGHTER! I suppose it'll be ok, because the rumor is, Jesus doesn't give us anymore than we can handle. Unfortunately, it's starting to look like Jesus thinks I'm amazing. Which, don't get me wrong I am...but even I have my limits ;-) 

Just when you thought things were smooth sailing, I got quite the disturbing 4D ultrasound picture. Alana was actually angry in her picture! That's when I had a flash-forward to 15 years down the road, and I swallowed down the little cry for help that tried to escape. I'm not kidding, guys, she had the frown, wrinkled brow, and she genuinely looked mad that she had been disturbed. So this is where I get to play my ultimate trump Mom card; Lil Miss Thang, you have no right to "feel" disturbed right now. I'm the only one in this situation that has any "right" to have an angry look, especially since you spend most of your day playing my organs like bongos, thank you very much. So when a camera/ultrasound wand comes around to take your picture, you better be all smiles next time! 

Mommy Loves You Alana!