Monday, April 23, 2012

In The Not So Distant Future...

Well I feel as if congratulations are in order for myself. During this pregnancy I have become quite the "hurdle" jumper. The first hurdle was the 1st Trimester, that was brutal: Alana, honey, you were not very nice to Mommy when we first discovered you. Ill does not even properly describe what I went through for about 14 weeks. Top that off with Tums being on the "no no" list for the 1st Trimester and topping that even higher with the harsh reality that I could not take anything to curb the nausea. Alana, if you ever want to know specific stories, ask Daddy, because he has some "funny" ones. 

The second hurdle, I suppose this one feels more like a perpetual metaphorical hurdle, as I'm still in the process of leaping over it. The bigger you get dearest Alana, the more Mommy's tummy looks weird. I believe the technical term is "umbilical hernia," not so much fun either, but, I have a found a way to temporarily rectify the issue until I can get the surgery done to fix it. It only hurts sometimes, but that's ok, because I know that it has to be this way so that you can get bigger before your grand entrance into the world. 

The third hurdle, I've already discussed in a previous post. The tear in my placenta. That hurdle was only conquered by the miraculous healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to Him may all the glory go. I cannot in any way lay claim to this, but I thank God for being able to be an instrument through which He can receive recognition for the healing that took place. Alana, if I can teach you anything, it would be this: you have a Heavenly Father that infinitely loves you, cares for you, and wants nothing more than to have a personal relationship with you; so when the world lets you down, which it will, never forget your Father in Heaven will NEVER forsake you.

And finally, as we enter the final stretch of this race, we have come upon the fourth hurdle, and Lord willing, other then the birth itself, this is the final hurdle. Gestational Diabetes; that phrase strikes panic into soon-to-be mothers everywhere, and you always hope it isn't you that gets it. Sorry, but I did. But please don't worry because, with a proper diet and close monitoring, everything will be A-OK. I do get to have two more ultrasounds before the real show, so that part is exciting! The more chances to see your face my little Alana, as long as it causes no problems to you, I am ok with.  

With 9 weeks left and counting, Alana, you'll be here before you know it! Daddy and I are very excited and look forward to holding you in our arms. We do ask that you don't try to come early, take your time (but not too long), and make sure you're fully developed and ready. Oh by the way, Apollo, your puppy and future playmate, is anxious too, he knows something big is about to happen! 

And as always, 
You Are Loved

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