Friday, March 9, 2012

3 Months left...

((I have come to the realization that I am not crafty, creative, or artistic in any manner, and so, I have decided to blog this journey for my daughter to read later. Thus the title: The Beginnings. I hope that you can join in my joy as I blog the development of my pregnancy and the first 2 years of my baby girl's life.))

Alana Michelle - Due June 27th, 2012

Motherhood; a word that contains a lot of expectations: spoken and unspoken, realized and yet to be realized.   Do I feel adequately up for the task? Absolutely not. Do I feel unprepared for the life altering future that is upon me? Absolutely. Part of my mind is screaming; "What were you thinking?! A baby?!" Please do not misunderstand me, babies are the best blessing God can bestow upon a family. 

I am strengthened in the truth that God has given my husband and I a priceless treasure and a great responsibility. In the same respects, I am weakened in my humanity because I feel unprepared and inadequate for the task. The Lord knows what we need and it is no different in my personal life. The Lord knows my heart and knows the desires I have. It is in the "down time" in my day that I begin to worry and raise concerns about what kind of parent I will become, and it is about that time that Alana kicks me :-) 

The miraculous truth of life is growing literally before my eyes. Whether it is looking down and seeing my ever distending belly, or it is looking at the monitor in the doctor's office and seeing my daughter's little nose, hands, and feet. The reality of what is to come is ever present now that she has started moving, all the time!  In conjunction with that harsh reality, a more gentle one came when I found out that my voice soothes her and lulls her to stillness ((so Mommy can sleep, study, or take notes)).

The beginning of February marked the first time I felt her kick. I wasn't sure what it was that I had felt, so I waited, somewhat impatiently, as I was lying on my bed, and then ever so faintly it happened again. A little kick, no stronger then a flutter, but it did not stay sweet and gentle for long. The end of February a drastic change came for little Alana; she was becoming much stronger and getting bigger! At this point Chris could feel her kick me, and was convinced that he could make her kick me on command.

March 6th, 2012 was a scary day for us. A routine ultrasound confirmed a tear, which means that the placenta was coming away from the uterine wall. What better way to show God's glory then through our infirmities and His ability to perform miracles?! Because of this ultrasound discovery, they scheduled an appointment with a specialist at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. Sadly this was also my husband's birthday, but the Lord knows what we need!

Thursday, March 8th, after over 48 hours of people praying for the three of us, we went to the appointment. After an extensive ultrasound (it lasted about 1 and 1/2 hours), they found nothing wrong! Praise God!! The only thing the doctor found was a very active and a very healthy baby girl, my baby girl. Alana was very entertaining during the appointment, at one point she head-butted my stomach. She couldn't seem to find a comfortable position in my stomach, which lead to the technician chasing her all over my belly with the ultrasound wand.

A real truth to take away from this...The Lord hears and answers prayers, and is still in the business of
performing miracles! Never forget that little Alana!

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