Friday, September 20, 2013

15 Months Old!

My oh my, how A LOT has happened over the last three months! 1) we've moved across the country 2) you are going to be a big sister 3) you get to see one set of grandparents on a daily basis!! You've certainly handled the move well. You love your Grandma Foster and look for her every morning when you wake up. You've come to adore your Uncle Roger. However, I think, you love seeing your Grandpa the most. You always get excited to see him walk through the door, giving him a smile, a wave, and a "hiiiiiiiiii".

The older you get the more difficult/stubborn/strong-willed you seem to be. Your stubborn, strong-willed personality will take you far in life my dear! The leaps and bounds you have grown over the last couple months still shocks me and I can't seem to wrap my mind around that fact. You talk...allllll the time. Even though most of it still isn't discernible language you are using, it is obvious when you are attempting to ask a question or talk by the gestures you use. You have quite the vocabulary though; you can say the following: yes, no, Fred (the puppy here), Sammy (another puppy here), Dada, Momma, all done, more, night night, drink, cracker, bye, hi, and stop. I'm so excited to see what word you learn next!!

Your walking skills have fully developed and you are now into "running". You have learned how to come down the stairs (backwards, on your hands and knees). Dancing is a favorite of yours and yes I posted a video of it on Facebook :-) Every now and then I catch you singing along to music in the car. You no longer want help in feeding, you seem to think you've got it all figured out concerning food. Your favorite snack is a cracker and you're always hungry for a bite of something sweet. Milk, water, and watered-down tea are your top 3 drinks, but again you have no issues with tasting a soda here and there. 

Your hair is finally growing out, so maybe by your 2nd birthday you can have ponytails! Your eyes are still so beautiful and carry your "sense of humor" twinkle in them. You only have 8 teeth but you seem to manage just fine. My goodness how tall you are. We've decided that you'll take after Daddy's side of the family, cause you certainly don't get your height from my side, ha ha.  

You will be 20 months old when your little brother makes his grand appearance! I'm so excited for the both of you and I think you will have so many good times together. 

That's all for now, always remember you are loved!! 

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